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10 Practical Uses of Castor Oil at Home

10 Practical Uses of Castor Oil at Home

Castor oil will quickly become your new best friend. No, really. This natural oil serves a wide variety of purposes. Here are 10 different ways you can use castor oil at home for practical matters.

  1. Gentle, Yet Effective Laxative: Many studies have indicated that castor oil purges the digestive tract in order to detoxify the system.
  2. All Natural Lubricant: Dab a small drop of castor oil on metal hinges that squeak, scissor blades, grinders, and so on to lubricate them.
  3. Safe Pet Wound Treatment: Castor oil heals the skin and it's safe for pets, which is why it can be used to treat minor cuts or scrapes on dogs or cats.
  4. Massage Oil for Pain Relief: Believed to speed up circulation, castor oil can also be used as a non-toxic massage oil for sore or achy muscles.
  5. Antifungal Treatment: Since castor oil is naturally antibacterial, it can be used to treat common infections such as ringworm, jock itch and athlete's foot.
  6. Hair Growth Stimulant: Full of vitamins and antioxidants that nourish and stimulate from root to tip, castor oil also speeds up cellular turnover to promote hair growth.
  7. Daily Skin Moisturizer: Replace your daily skin lotion with castor oil to get a complexion that is bright, even and seriously smooth.
  8. Eyelash Growth Treatment: You can even use castor oil to grow stronger and longer lashes!
  9. Dry Food Preserver: Coat dry grain products with a layer of castor oil to keep them fresher longer and protected from tiny pests.
  10. Anti-Acne Skin Treatment: Touted as a beauty oil that heals, softens, hydrates and protects, castor oil is widely used to treat acne among those with sensitive skin.

While these are only 10 practical uses for castor oil, there are plenty more. Grab yourself a bottle and discover all of the ways this rich oil can help you around the house.


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