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Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil - Hemp Seed Oil

Made from 100% natural and organic premium quality Canadian cannabis sativa seed, it is non-THC and non-CBD.

Hemp Seed Oil is recognized globally for its amazing therapeutic and healing properties:

- Helpful in easing muscular discomfort, joint pain and arthritis.

- Great for skin. Detoxifies the skin making it smooth and free from blemishes

- For gorgeous hair. It gives volume and revives hair health



 100% PURE & ORGANICWe value nature and are committed to your health. Our Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is in its purest form and made from 100% natural and organic premium quality seed. It is non-THC and non-CBD. 

IMPROVE SKIN HEALTH: Massage it on the skin to detoxify. Our pure Cannabis Sativa oil will make it smooth and free from blemishes. It helps promote collagen and elastin that replace dead cells, makes skin feel soft and supple and reduce fine wrinkle lines, marks and blemishes. It also has great effects on nails.


REDUCE JOINT PAIN:  Well known as an effective solution for pain relief, our Organic Hemp Seed Oil it is often of great aid in reducing inflammation naturally. 

STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH - hemp has a unique ability to infuse the amino acids and the building blocks needed for keratin and hair growth, this ultimately keeps hair strong and healthy, making Hemp Seed oil an effective solution for resilient hair that fails to break and prevents split ends.

    Did you know? 
    Cannabis Seed Oil has always been a part of Chinese and Indian medicine for its amazing miracles. It is rich in Omega acids, and essential amino acids that are miraculous for the human body. It is magical for various types of skin related problems especially for psoriasis, eczema and itchy rashes.



    For best results, use Hemp Seed Oil in the morning and before going to bed. Take a small amount in your palm and massage gently on the body. For hair and skin, use a few drops and rub until completely absorbed.

    There are a number of great health benefits when using hemp oil. It is loaded with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids -- which are good for you! 

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