Dragon’s Blood: 4 Amazing Properties

Dragon’s Blood: 4 Amazing Properties

Amazing properties hide inside the Croton Lechleri tree. The moment you split its bark, the red blood aloe comes out of this Amazonian tree that has been used for years thanks to its characteristics, which fight inflammations, soreness, effects produce by viruses and bacteria. Because of this, the benefits that this substance brings to people’s health are considered uncountable.

This substance can be found in the Amazonas, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil, in the tree Croton Lechleri, which maximum height can be 25 meters tall, with big and flat leaves with a greenish white color, this substance is called “Dragon’s Blood”, a thick and sticky liquid red as blood.

The scientist Bernabe Cobo talked in his book “History of the New World” about all the benefits that this resin had, because he could see how it was used on open wounds to generate a new layer of skin. How it healed ulcers, it stopped bleedings, it was also used as vaginal showers, all of this depending on the country.

And now, decades later that Cobo claimed about the properties of this resin, it has been certified scientifically everything he had stand for. “Amazonia’s superstar plant” that’s the way dragon’s blood was called by the great James A. Duke, who’s one of the responsible for bringing back the interest for the medicinal plants research.

According its book “The Green Pharmacy” he uses this substance every time he gets cut or he burns his skin when he’s in Peru. Even though is true that dragon’s blood’s components have healing properties, Scientifics give credit to 2 in specific: taspine (an alkaloid) and dimetilcedrusin (a lignin). If it is true that these components by itself have shown amazing healing powers, the dragon’s blood cures 4 times faster.

This means that the substance is way better than the sum of its parts. The power that the plants have is stronger. John Wallace, member of the medicine faculty of the University of Calgary, predicts that in some years every home first aid kit will have drugs with components from the dragon’s blood because, as it is claimed by experts, the dragon’s blood has:

Healing properties.

This one is among the characteristics who were studied first, the way this resin is able to close wounds, crust formation and skin regeneration, all of this is because of one component: taspine, this is the one responsible for the first two stages of healing, but we have to remember what Duke said, the substance is way better that the sum of its parts. So besides the element taspine, we have to add the cicatrizing properties of the polyphenol and the contraction power of proantocianidines. The crust production is facilitated by the flavonoids.

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

According to experts from the University of Calgary, this resin does not just ease the pain, it also blocks the chemicals that produce inflammation. Thanks to other studies, it was proven that this substance doesn’t allowed the signals that produce pain into the brain. Not just this, but it was proven that a balm made out of this substance ease the effects produce by a great variety of insect bites, in the same way, it calms down the itchiness and inflammation.

Antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Thanks specially to a Proantocianidine which is in the dragon’s blood: SP-303, this resin possess great antiviral and antibacterial properties. Results from different researches that says that stops viruses; like the one from herpes, the one from hepatitis (A - B), the one from influenza A, the one from parainfluenza (PIV) and the one from RSV.

Immunomodulatory properties.

Experts from the CEIA, say that this resin may be helpful against cancerous, viral y neurological pathologies. This results depend on the quantity used and according to this it can put a stop in the damage caused.

These findings and studies have made possible to know how to use the dragon’s blood. This can be diluted with water and used orally or in pills, in the same way it can be used topically to ease the pain, it doesn’t allow the formation of permanent scars and it accelerates the crust creation that’s why it is amazing for burs and cuts.

Finally, you can also find it in dust presentation and it can be used directly on the wound. It is also used as:

1- Vaginal Antiseptic

2- Wound disinfectant.

3- In mouth sores and damage to the oral mucosa

4- In stings, bites and ulcers on the skin.

5- Combat herpes simplex.

6- Dermatitis

7- If ingested, it helps to repair gastrointestinal internal mucous membranes.

8- It is recommended in cases of gastric infections, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, gastric cancer, among others.

Decades of study are required for the pharmaceutical industry to patent and use therapeutically substances extracted from mother nature that have been used by indigenous tribes. Anyway, it is not necessary to wait decades to benefit from the Croton Lechleri properties, since it is possible to find the pure extract on our web.

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