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How to use Castor Oil Packs for a liver detox

How to use Castor Oil Packs for a liver detox

Did you know that castor oil is a powerful natural healer?

Castor oil is a wonder oil that comes from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. For thousands of years, people have used it as a natural cure for many health problems, such as; digestive troubles, liver and intestinal issues, colic, abdominal cramps and spasms, benign cysts, fibroids, arthritis, skin troubles, and scars.

When applied topically, Castor oil can soothe and support your body, especially if you have inflammation or pain. You can make a simple castor oil pack and apply it to any sore spot, like your lower back, sacrum, abdomen, or pelvic bowl. You'll be amazed by how good it feels!

How does Castor oil work?

Castor oil has a special ingredient called ricinoleic acid that has been shown to help fight inflammation. Scientific studies have proven that Castor oil packs can boost your immune system by naturally boosting the production of lymphocytes as well as an increase in the level of activity of T-cell lymphocytes. These are the cells that come from your bone marrow and thymus gland, and they can kill germs like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. (Boddu, 2015)

Castor oil can also help your nervous system, liver, and digestion. It can make your nervous system more balanced, your liver more active, and your digestion more smooth. (Grady, n.d.)

How to apply Castor oil packs.

You can use this amazing oil in different ways. You just need some good quality, cold pressed organic oil, cloth and heat, and you're ready to go. Choose the method that suits you best.

Traditional Method

You’ll need:

200ml or 3/4 cup warmed Castor oil.
A wool, thick cotton or towelling cloth large enough to pack the area being treated.
Towel or cloth to cover the pack.
Heat source: Hot water bottle or heat pad.


Soak your thick cloth/pack with oil until it’s wet but not leaking. Put the cloth/pack on the spot you want to heal and cover it with another towel or cloth.
Put your heat source on top of the towels or cloth.

Make sure you don't burn your skin and keep it warm for 30-60 mins.

Less-messy method

Often used while traveling, this is easy, portable and generally less messy.

You’ll need:

Castor oil (1-2 tablespoon for the abdomen/liver area)

Cotton or wool cloth.
Heat source: hot water or heat pad.


Rub the area you want to treat with castor oil. Cover the oil with the cloth. Apply the heat source carefully, it should be warm and not too hot. Apply for 30-60 minutes. 

When to do your pack

For mild problems:
Do it 3 times a week, every other night for 3 weeks. Take a break for the 4th week.
Do this for 2 more rounds.
Do it again if you need to.

For more acute conditions:
Do it every day for 5 days.
Take a break for 2 days.
Do this for 2 more rounds. Do it again if you need to.

Contraindications and cautions for use of Castor oil packs

Always check with your doctor if conditions persist.
Don't use it when you're bleeding a lot.
Don't use it when you're pregnant.
Don't use it if you have an infection in your gut like diverticulitis.
Stop using it if your skin gets irritated.
Be careful if you're taking medicine that lowers your immunity ( such as any immunosuppressant medication)
Don't drink Castor oil. It's a powerful purging tool and is not recommended. 

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