Best Oils For Skin

Best Oils For Skin

Natural oils do the body good but some of them can also be used to treat the skin. Wondering which oils are best for skincare? Have a look at our list of the best oils to use for skin that glows healthily, feels soft and looks supply smooth.

Jojoba Oil

Loved by beauty gurus young and old because it absorbs quickly, jojoba oil is an oil that softens the skin, fades blemishes and improves suppleness. Keep in mind that jojoba oil isn't necessarily a dry oil. This is why it's best to apply a thin layer of jojoba oil to the face at night after cleansing and toning. Applying it during the daytime could leave behind a slight shine.

Aceite de Ricino

Castor oil enhances cellular repair, which is why it's recommended for skin that is damaged, sagging or wrinkled. However, castor oil is quite thick. To dilute it a bit and ensure it doesn't leave behind any oiliness, try mixing a touch of castor oil with a thinner oil such as jojoba oil when applying to the face. 

Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta

This dry oil reaches deep into pores to deliver the skin with loads of vitamins and essential nutrients. Rosehip seed oil also gradually brightens and clears the complexion to give you a more youthful appearance.

Who knew oil could be so good for the skin? When you are informed regarding the correct types of oils to use for natural skincare, maintaining a clear complexion is made easy. Use the above oils to get your natural skincare regimen back on track!

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