Sobre Offernova

Offernova is belleza integral powered by nature.

We combine nature, science, and a touch of magic to develop amazing formulas that nourish and transform your skin.

Nuestro objetivo es acompañarte a disfrutar con gracia tu individualidad y belleza natural, sin importar el paso de los años.

We believe that beauty starts from within. We craft formulas and carefully choose ingredients that support your skin’s health from the inside out.

Si al usar nuestros productos, descubres que los años no han borrado tu esencia y te invitan a sentirte más feliz en tu piel, entonces hemos logrado nuestra misión.

Nuestras Creencias

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La belleza comienza dentro

We see skincare as a ritual of self-care, with benefits inside and out. Nutrition and daily habits are at the core of how we feel, look, and age.

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Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

 Through time-tested natural ingredients and science-backed actives, we want to boost your skin’s health from within. We choose to formulate without parabens, phtalates, artificial fragance and color.    

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Madurar es hermoso

Wisdom comes with age. A long, healthy life is a true blessing. Let’s age gracefully.

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Nuestra Promesa

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Clean Beauty

Nuestras fórmulas no son irritantes, no sensibilizantes, seguras para el embarazo y libres de crueldad.

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Plant-based formulations

Creemos que las fórmulas renovables basadas en plantas dan resultados excepcionales.

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We only have one planet and we love it. Let’s take care of it by being more mindful and producing less waste. Our aim is to reduce the use of plastic by choosing glass packaging when it’s safe to do so. You may choose to reuse or recycle our packaging.

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